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Apply and enrol

Before you start

Before applying to enrol through Open Universities Australia (OUA), please read through the Getting started advice for Future Students on the OUA website.

Student Cohorts

As an OUA student at Curtin University you can choose how to pay for your studies. If you wish to study just a single unit to try something out, or you’re not an Australian citizen, you can take up a FEE-HELP place, this means you pay your tuition fees directly to Open Universities Australia in Melbourne. If you wish to apply to study a full course and you are an Australian citizen, you may be eligible for a HECS-HELP or Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). You can find out more about the requirements and eligibility of the different HELP schemes by visiting OUA’s Financial Assistance website or by visiting the Australian Government’s Study Assist website

Depending on your type of HELP status you may have different processes to follow while studying at Curtin. You will find all the information you need for your particular cohort in one of the ‘Going the Distance Booklets’ in the right margin. If you are a FEE-HELP student, please refer to the FEE-HELP booklet. If you are a CSP student, please refer to the CSP (HECS-HELP) booklet.

Your Curtin ID (8 digit student number)

When your enrolment details are imported from OUA into the Curtin University database, you will be assigned a one-off Curtin student identification number. Your Curtin ID will be provided to you prior to the start of the study period or session.

Your Curtin ID number remains with you permanently, regardless of how many Curtin courses or units you subsequently enrol into. Your Curtin ID number is needed:

  • to activate your OASIS account;
  • on all assignments;
  • on all correspondence with Curtin;
  • when using the University Library;
  • when sitting examinations.

Degree registration

If you wish to complete a degree course at Curtin you should register your intention after completing at least four OUA units.