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Some units may include an invigilated or supervised examination as part of the assessment. Invigilated exams are conducted under formal examination conditions and are supervised by an examination invigilator. The cost of examination invigilation is covered as part of your unit fees and therefore will NOT require additional payment. PLEASE NOTE: End of study period exams will be arranged by OUA Exam Services.

Deferring an invigilated exam

If you are unable to sit your invigilated exam due to exceptional circumstances which were beyond your control, you may apply to defer the exam to the following exam period by completing an Application for Assessment Extension. Applications cannot be accepted without relevant supporting documentation. Further information is available from Curtin University Examinations website. The submission of an Application for Assessment Extension form is no guarantee that the application will be approved. The Unit Coordinator or Head of School has the discretion to accept or reject the application.

If an assessment extension is approved for an invigilated exam, the deferred exam will be scheduled to be held in a set exam period. For Study Periods this is during the exam period at the end of the following Study Period, even if the Unit is not offered in that study period. For Sessions, deferred exams are scheduled in the set Deferred and Supplementary Exam period for that Session (set by OUA Exams Melbourne).

You cannot defer a deferred exam. If you do not sit the approved deferred exam, for whatever reason, you will then have to re-enrol in the Unit. No further concessions will be granted.

When an Assessment Extension extends beyond the date of the Board of Examiners, an interim grade of ‘Deferred Assessment’ or ‘DA’ will be recorded. Deferred Assessment is the formal approval by the Board of Examiners, to delay the determination of a student’s final grade in a unit, to permit the student to complete an assessment task at a later date.