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OUA support

Financial assistance

Open Universities Australia (OUA) offers a variety of financial assistance options, including:

  • Scholarships,
  • Government allowances, and
  • Travel subsidies

OUA’s travel subsidies can be requested to assist in meeting the costs of compulsory travel associated with your studies.

For detailed information regarding all assistance available from OUA, please visit their Financial Assistance website.

Crisis support counselling

Open Universities Australia and Curtin University understand that students often juggle study with work, family and other commitments. Balancing competing demands and heavy workloads can have an impact on students and results in difficult emotional responses, such as anxiety, anger, loss of focus and self-doubt.

Open Universities Australia offers a free, confidential telephone counselling service to all enrolled OUA students. Call 1300 923 804 or email or visit their website.

In addition to the counselling service provided by Open Universities Australia, Curtin University offers a variety of counselling services. Visit the CurtinLife website for full details.

Plagiarism and academic integrity

Plagiarism means presenting the work or property of another person as one’s own without appropriate acknowledgment or referencing. See the Academic Integrity website to download student guidelines for avoiding plagiarism.

It includes:

  • copying of sentences, paragraphs or creative products which are the work of other persons (including books, articles, theses, unpublished works, working papers, seminar and conference papers, internal reports, lecture notes or tapes) without due acknowledgment;
  • too closely paraphrasing sentences, paragraphs or themes without due acknowledgment;
  • using another person’s work/s (including words, music, computer source code, creative or visual artefacts, designs or ideas) or research data without due acknowledgment;
  • submitting work which has been produced by someone else (e.g. allowing or contracting another person to do the work for which you claim authorship);
  • copying or submitting computer files, code or website content in whole or in part without indicating the origin of these;
  • submitting one’s own previously assessed or published work for assessment or publication elsewhere, without appropriate acknowledgement (self-plagiarism);
  • in the case of collaborative projects, falsely representing the individual contributions of the collaborating partners.

The University regards any acts of cheating or dishonesty by way of plagiarism very seriously. There are strong penalties for breaches, including annulment of results or termination/expulsion from the University.

See the University Statement on Plagiarism.

As a student of Curtin you should be familiar with the requirements of the University’s copyright provisions.

Student rights and responsibilities

Curtin is a public university, subject to a regime of compliance including the requirement to operate within appropriate legislative and accountability frameworks.

In respect to the Curtin unit that you are undertaking, you will be subject to Curtin’s academic policies, procedures and by-laws. The following websites will assist you in understanding your rights and responsibilities as a student:

OUA complaints

Complaints fall into two main categories:

  • Academic Issues (pre-requisites, plagiarism etc)
  • Non-Academic Issues (tuition fees, enrolments etc)

All non-academic complaints should be directed to Open Universities Australia (Melbourne). More information can be found on the Open Universities website.

Academic Complaints should be directed to Curtin University’s Integrity and Standards Unit (ISU) via the online webform accessible from the Complaints website or by phone at 1800 907 998 (within Australia) or +618 9266 9140 (outside Australia).

Study skills

If you’d like tips and guidelines to help you study more effectively, why not visit the Curtin StartUp Study Skills website within OASIS. You will find strategies for dealing with assessments and examinations, writing skills, assignment guidelines, time management and reading techniques at this site.

Alternatively you could look at How to win as an Open learner – A Student’s Guide to Tackling an Open Learning Course.

More helpful online resources are offered by The Learning Centre. Some of the fantastic writing and study skills programs they provide include:

  • Essay Writing
  • Time Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Grammar
  • Numeracy
  • Referencing

The Learning Centre’s online programs are very useful resources for helping you to develop your academic writing skills.

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