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Studying with OUA

Study materials

Curtin University’s OUA units are fully online. The online study materials will be available via Blackboard which can be accessed through Curtin’s secure portal OASIS (Online Access to Student Information Services). When enrolled and issued with a Curtin ID number, all students must first activate their OASIS account and create a password, in order to login for the first time.

Note: If your unit and associated study materials are not available via Blackboard in the first week of the study period or session, please contact OpenCurtin.


Please review your Unit Outline for full details on how to submit your assessments.

Your tutor

Your tutor’s role is to guide you through the materials presented on Blackboard and to provide support and feedback on your progress. Your tutor will mark your assignments and return them to you with comments.

Online units usually contain announcements from the Unit Coordinator or Tutor which include their contact details. However unless you need to contact them from the beginning, you may not be introduced to them until the return of your first assignment.

Don’t be afraid to contact your tutor as they are there to assist you. Most tutors provide specific contact times which you are advised to keep to unless it is a genuine emergency. If you experience difficulties contacting your tutor, you may leave a message at their School Office or contact OpenCurtin who will act on your behalf.


Most units require a textbook as part of the course material. To order and purchase your textbooks online please visit the Co-Op bookshop website.

Library access

Curtin OUA students can use the wealth of online resources available through the Curtin University Library website, including e-Reserve, past exam papers, e-journals and e-books. All you need to know about using the Curtin University Library is available from LibGuides or checkout the OUA students’ guide.

You do not need to register for this service but you are required to activate your OASIS account in order to access library services. For all queries regarding OASIS please refer to the OASIS webpage.

You will need to use your Curtin ID and OASIS password to log in to library functions such as e-Reserve, the library catalogue, library databases and available exam papers.

Library notices for those students with items on loan are sent via the Official Communications Channel of OASIS so remember to check this on a weekly basis.

All Curtin OUA students can visit any of the Curtin University libraries to borrow items, or photocopy material that is not available electronically. To do this you will require a student card. Information regarding obtaining a student card is available from the Current Students website.