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Changing your study program


All withdrawal requests must be submitted to Open Universities Australia in writing using the Online Withdrawal Form in Student Hub. OUA will then notify Curtin of your withdrawal.

If you withdraw from study, you may incur an academic or financial penalty or both, depending on the date you submit your withdrawal request. Please visit the OUA website for further details.

Special circumstances

Any student discontinuing a course or unit enrolment after the census date is liable for the fees in full unless special circumstances can be demonstrated. If a student can demonstrate circumstances beyond their control, that did not make their full impact until after the census date, financial penalties may be reduced or removed.

To apply for a refund or to have your FEE-HELP balance re-credited under special circumstances, go to the Open Universities Australia website to download an application or to apply online. You will be required to provide documentation to support your application.

Commonwealth supported place withdrawal

If you withdraw from a course or units and are a Commonwealth supported student, you will not incur a penalty from OUA but may be subject to a financial or academic (fail grade) penalty from Curtin depending on the date of withdrawal. Please visit the University Fees Centre for further information.

If you withdraw after the census date, you will also be liable for your deferred Commonwealth assistance HECS-HELP loan. For the census date for each study period, please see key dates.

Assessment extension

Assessment Extension is a process involving formal permission to delay the completion of an assessment task after the deadline. This may apply to assignments, tests and examinations. Assessment Extension CANNOT be used to defer a unit from one study period to another.

To apply for an assessment extension, a student must sufficiently demonstrate they could not complete the assessment task due to exceptional circumstances beyond their control with an Application for Assessment Extension form. Applications cannot be accepted without relevant supporting documentation. Further details are on the form. The submission of an Application for Assessment Extension form is no guarantee that the application will be approved.

When an Assessment Extension extends beyond the date of the Board of Examiners, an interim grade of ‘Deferred Assessment’ or ‘DA’ will be recorded. Deferred Assessment is the formal approval by the Board of Examiners, to delay the determination of a student’s final grade in a unit, to permit the student to complete an assessment task at a later date.

Leave of absence

If you are an award student and enrolled and want to take a break in more than one Study Period, you may be eligible for the Leave of Absence (LOA).