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Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost me to use Bb Student by Blackboard?

The app is FREE to download however you may be charged your mobile data rates if you access your Blackboard units off campus. Alternatively you can access Curtin’s wireless (wifi) network when you are on campus.

Where do I download the app from?

You can download the Bb Student app from our download page.

What will my units look like in Bb Student?

When you login to Bb Student , you will see a mobile version of your Blackboard unit home page. This will differ depending on the mobile device you are using.



Can I download files from Bb Student?

Yes, common file types such as Word, PDF and PowerPoint will open automatically on your device but there is an option to open them up/download in third party applications on iOS and Android devices.

Can I upload files using my mobile?

The ability to upload files to Blackboard is currently limited to the capabilities of the device that you have.

File uploads are normally limited to images and videos.

Can I upload my assignments via my mobile?

Assignments and tests can include attachments from your mobile device. For iOS, photos from your camera roll can be uploaded and submitted. For Android, all files available in the file system can be attached and included in assignments. The maximum file size you can upload is 25 MB.

Can I play multimedia content (Flash) on my device?

The compatibly of some media types is device specific. Currently the iOS platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch does not play Adobe Flash for proprietary reasons imposed by Apple Inc.

You will need to check your device to see what types of multimedia it will play successfully.

Can I use my mobile to post to blogs, wikis or journals?

No native support. These tools launch in a web page.

Can I take quizzes or tests on Bb Student?


It is not advisable to do such activities using mobile platforms at present. We recommended a traditional web browser for tests that launch in a web page.

If I have a question, where do I go for help?

If you need any further assistance or have any questions regarding Bb Student, please contact OASIS Central.