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What is iPortfolio?

iPortfolio is Curtin’s own designed and branded electronic or e-portfolio product. Curtin students (and staff) can use this to build their own e-Portfolio. It provides a safe space for you to collect, reflect and seek feedback on evidence of your learning and achievements across your whole degree.

Screenshot of the iPortfolio interface
iPortfolio interface

You can introduce yourself, put up copies of great assessment pieces, your CV, academic record, information about skills and involvement outside of uni e.g. part time jobs or volunteering. You can then reflect on your learning, share with peers, mentors, lecturers and even potential employers. The good thing is that you control what you put in there and who gets to see it. Some students may be asked to submit their iPortfolio for assessment others will use it to keep track of their learning.

Many other universities and professional organisations are encouraging and using electronic portfolios.

How do I access iPortfolio?

To access iPortfolio simply login to OASIS and follow the links to iPortfolio.

Alternatively, you can access the tool directly via the iPortfolio website – simply visit

Where can I get help to set up my iPortfolio?

If you need help setting up your iPortfolio, there are plenty of help resources available.

iPortfolio online help and how to videos

Access the online iPortfolio Help and watch the “How to” videos to learn some of the basic skills needed to use iPortfolio.

iPortfolio FAQs

For step by step instructions on how to get started, including information on how to upload evidence, insert text and invite feedback from others to view your iPortfolio, access the iPortfolio Frequently Asked Questions.

Student Support Officers

If you are studying close to Bentley Campus, iPortfolio Student Support Officers are on hand in the Curtin Careers Centre Building 303 Level 2 (on the level above the Abacus Lab) several days a week during teaching weeks to assist both students and staff.

Alternatively, if you have accessed the existing online help resources and still have a question, you can email for additional support